Third Wave Digital Asset Fund

We believe that an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that invests in digital assets (cryptos) will be trading on the NASDAQ within months, not years. The SEC has so far rejected a number of these products from trading on major US Exchanges as regulators grapple with the new asset class.

Right now, it is sort of difficult to purchase digital assets. It requires a digital wallet, usernames, passwords, uploading documents, and other hoops to jump through. It is comparatively difficult to buying say, the S&P 500 index or a share of stock in Apple, Inc. But, if/when the ETF is approved, it will going from being “hard to buy” digital assets to being very “easy to buy” them.

In the same way that ETFs have perpetuated the stock market bubble in which we find ourselves today, it is our opinion that the arrival of ETFs will drive the price of digital assets higher than any of us can imagine.

We aim to be ahead of that wave and ride it for as long as we can.

Steven E. Orr |  Portfolio Manager

Steven E. Orr | Portfolio Manager

Steven has been trading since he was a teenager. He has spent time in New York City and Washington D.C. and over the years has developed a vast network of contacts in capital markets and government. He recently purchased a home in St. Louis near the Federal Reserve Bank so that he can stay close to the action and consult with that agency regarding digital asset regulation.

While Steven isn’t busy with his full-time gig as Senior Vice President over at Benzinga, he manages the Third Wave Digital Asset Fund and somehow still finds time to sit on the board of the American Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association.

When he isn’t trading or researching markets, you’ll find him on Treasure Island, Florida having a great time with friends and family.

John Fazio |  President - Third Wave Capital

John Fazio | President - Third Wave Capital

John is a trader by nature but he’s also a serial entrepreneur who started is first business at 14.

He is the CEO of N3rd Street Gamers (among others) and is also a technical adviser to the American Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association. John will act in similar fashion on this fund, as an adviser. He will also act as co-general partner through Third Wave Capital, LLC.

Elevate Ventures is the Venture Capital arm of Elevate Capital Advisors, LLC.

The team is focused on bringing unique investment ideas to the market and its accredited clients.

The firms partners, Shane Fleury and Ken Armstrong established the Digital Asset Fund in collaboration with Steven and John after working closely with them on other projects at Elevate Capital.

Elevate Ventures handles the day-to-day operations of the Digital Asset Fund.