Elevate Capital Performance Portal

  • Useful charts, graphs data and reports covering the accounts that we manage for you.

  • Numbers are updated daily, normally by 8:30 am Eastern

Your Personal Financial Website by Elevate Capital

  • Useful charts, graphs, data, reports covering all of your financial accounts whether associated with Elevate or not.

  • Additionally, there are spending and budget tools, transaction alerts and a cloud-based document vault for all your sensitive files.

Your Custodian

  • When it comes to selection of a custodian partner, we have several options. The custodian is the party responsible for physically holding the assets, shares and cash of an account. Some custodians are better at certain things than others.

  • Click the appropriate logo to the left to log-in to your custodian's website.

This is where you'll find official statements and tax forms. 

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